Breakfast Crêpes

B.E.S.T. Crêpe $11.50

Bacon and jumbo egg with spinach and tomatoes
Add a cheese $1.00
Add a sauce or dressing $1.00

Jimmmy's Classic $11.50

Jumbo egg with cheddar cheese and your choice of meat: ham, bacon, chicken or turkey
Add a veggie or jalapeño $0.75

The Clearwater Breakfast $11.95

A jumbo fried egg, roast beef, bacon, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce
Add jalapeño $0.75
Add a cheese $1.00

The Garden Breakfast $10.95

Spinach with a jumbo egg, mushrooms, tomato, onion and red bell pepper
Add hollandaise sauce or balsamic reduction $1.00
Add a cheese $1.00

Vermont Crêpe $7.50

100% pure Vermont maple syrup and powdered sugar
Add milk chocolate or Nutella $1.00
Add a fruit $1.25
Add bacon $1.50
Add a jumbo egg $1.50

Crêpe Benedict $11.50

Swiss cheese with ham, a jumbo egg and hollandaise sauce

Design Your Own Savory Crêpe

Cheese $1.00 each

Swiss, Cheddar, Mozarella, Cream Cheese and Blue Cheese

Meat $1.50 each

Ham, Turkey, Jumbo Egg, Bacon, Beef and Chicken Breast

Veggies $0.75 each

Tomato, Spinach, Onion, Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper, Jalapeño and Broccoli

Sauces and Spreads $.100 each

Hollandaise, Balsamic Reduction, Honey Dijon, Marinara, Nutella and Peanut Butter

Fruit $1.25 each

Banana, Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries

Savory Crêpes

Crêpe Montaigne $10.50

Chicken, mushrooms, broccoli, olive oil, garlic and cream

Chicken Florentine $11.95

Swiss cheese, chicken, spinach, mushrooms, onions and heavy cream

Turkey Crêpe $10.95

Mozzarella, turkey breast, tomato, spinach and balsamic reduction

Cordon Bleu $13.50

A mixture of Swiss and blue cheeses with ham, chicken, broccoli and hollandaise sauce

Pizza Crêpe $9.25

Shredded mozzarella with marinara sauce
Add a veggie $0.75

Veggie Lovers $9.95

Spinach, tomatoes, onions and bell peppers with olive oil and balsamic
Add a cheese $1.00

Complete Vegetarian $10.25

Swiss cheese, baby spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, garlic, fresh-squeezed lemon and extra virgin olive oil

Philly Cheesesteak $11.95

Mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, beef, onions and red bell peppers
Add jalapeño $0.75

Le Club $13.50

Swiss cheese, turkey, ham, bacon, tomatoes and spinach

Beach Ribeye $12.50

Swiss cheese, beef, onions, mushrooms and honey dijon

Sweet Crêpes

Nutella Crêpe $7.95

Nutella milk chocolate hazelnut spread
Add a fruit $1.25

Lemon Soufflé $7.95

Butter, sugar, lemon juice and Chantilly cream

Crêpe Suzette $7.95

Butter, sugar and Grand Marnier

Chocolate Crêpe $7.95

With milk and white chocolate chips
With dark chocolate chips $1.00
Add a fruit $1.25

Butter and Sugar $6.95

Add caramel $1.00
Add lemon juice or cinnamon -free
Add dulce de leche, or 100% maple syrup $1.00

Funky French Monkey $8.50

Milk chocolate chips, peanut butter and bananas

Strawberry Short Cake $8.95

Fresh strawberries, angel food cake and Chantilly cream

Cheese Cake Crêpe $8.95

Cream cheese, brown sugar, graham cracker and Chantilly cream
Add a fruit $1.25

Smores $8.50

Milk chocolate chips, with graham crackers and marshmallows

Bananas Foster $9.95

Banana flambéed in butter, brown sugar, rum and Chantilly cream

French Twist $10.50

Strawberries, bananas, Frangelico and Chantilly cream

Raspberry Chocolate Cream $9.95

Dark chocolate chips with raspberries and heavy cream

Caramel Nut Brownie Crêpe $9.95

Milk chocolate chips, walnuts, angel food cake and caramel

German Chocolate Cake Crêpe $12.25

Milk chocolate, angel food cake, walnuts, toasted coconut, dulce de leche and Bailey’s Irish Cream

Fat Bradley $11.50

Butter, sugar, cinnamon, angel food cake, caramel and Grand Marnier

Dulce De Leche Delight $11.95

Dulce de leche, toasted pecans, angel food cake and Frangelico
Add a fruit $1.25
Add Milk or white chocolate chips $1.00
Add Dark chocolate chips or Nutella $1.00

Strawberry Romanoff $11.50

Dark chocolate chips, fresh strawberries and Grand Marnier

Berry Swirl $10.25

A mix of white and dark chocolate chips, raspberries and blueberries

Chocolate Dream $10.25

Milk chocolate chips, bananas, pecans, toasted coconut and cream

Blue Lagoon $10.50

Nutella with blueberries, brown sugar, and Bailey’s Irish cream